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Toraja Tour South Sulawesi

Tana Toraja Regency is located in the mountain region of the province of South Sulawesi. Toraja Tour goes through the mountain range about 315 km north of Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi Province.

The regency, “land of Toraja” has become the main tourism destination in South Sulawesi. Most of the population is Christian, and the others are Moslems. The Torajans are an ethnic group indigenous to a mountainous region of the province that consists of 3 major tribes, namely the Bugis, Makassar, and Toraja tribes. Each tribe has its regional language.

The word “Toraja” comes from the Bugis language, “To Riaja”. It means – people who dwell on the land above. Another version, it comes from the word “Toraya”. To or tau (person) and Raya or Maraya (big). Toraya can be interpreted as a big person or nobleman.

Local wisdom from ancestral traditions practiced by Toraja people can be witnessed until now in their traditional rituals such as human corpse storage in family houses for years awaiting the funeral rituals (Rambu Solo), cemeteries amid the steep rocks in many places and burial of dead babies in the trunk of growing plants. We also witness typical traditional houses (Tonkonan) in the whole land of Toraja and there are parties at certain times for renovated traditional ancestral houses, traditional engagement, and marriage rites and other traditional joyous activities which people say “Rambu Tuka”.

Itinerary = Toraja Tour

Day 1
Day 1 = Airport – Makassar

12:30 Arrival at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport Makassar.
13:00 Tour participants are welcomed by the guide and escorted to a local restaurant for lunch.
14:00 Visit the majestic wooden sailing ships at a traditional trading port (Paotere). Visit Losari Beach as a popular place in the city of Makassar.
17:00 Check in Hotel, free program and rest.

Day 2
Day 2 = Makassar – Toraja ( B/L )

07:00 Breakfast at the Hotel.
08:00 Journey directly to Tana Toraja (for 7-8 hours) Stop at Rammang-Rammang Karst Mountains. On this trip, you will enjoy the coastline to the city of Pare-pare, a row of coconut trees, cloves,
teak plantations, and typical Bugis houses.
At 11:30 Lunch at a local restaurant in Pare-Pare.
At 3:30 p.m. Twilight, a short break at the famous Mount Nona (Lady’s Mountain) – mountainside with a very exotic natural panoramic view.
At 18:00 Late afternoon participants arrive in Tana Toraja, check-in hotel.
At 19:00 Free program and Rest.

Day 3
Day 3 : Full Day Tour Toraja ( B )

07:00 Breakfast at the Hotel
08:00 Participants in the tour visit Lemo, the Stone Cemetery on the Cliff which was made since the seventeenth century
10:00 Participants visit Kambira, Cemetery of babies on a tree (Sanggalla)
12:00 Lunch at a local restaurant
13:30 Participants continue the trip to Kete Kesu ‘, an area famous for its panoramic beauty and the neatly lined Tongkonan – Traditional House which rice barns standing in front of it.
This Tongkonan has the burial of the nobles with bones that are left scattered, there are also hanging graves since the 15th century BC. In addition, Kete Kesu’ is also famous as a center of making Toraja Handicrafts.
6:00 p.m. Then Return to the Hotel
19:00 Free program and Rest.

Day 4
Day 4 : Toraja – Makassar ( B/L )

07:00 Breakfast at the Hotel
08:00 After breakfast, check out the hotel on the way back to the end of view.
10:00 Stopover Mount Nona
12:00 Lunch at Pare-Pare restaurant. Then continue the journey to Makassar.
17:00 In the afternoon arrive in Makassar, transfer to Hasanuddin International airport for the next flight.


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